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      About Us
      Huawei International Power Engineering Co., Ltd is the company providing professional technical support for the thermal power industry. Our headquarters is located in Shandong Province in China and the branch office was set up in Indonesia in 2010 aiming at serving Indonesian power industry. So far more than 30 professional engineers work there on the long term. In order to let our clients experience more efficient and prompt service, we created an online platform that has gathered a group of elite engineers to offer professional, fast and convenient technical support to the thermal power industry. At present, our main business includes power plant design, installation&commissioning, operation training, maintenance&repair and spare parts sales.
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      Resource Sharing
      We have been devoted to thermal power industry for 20 years, skilled and experienced.
      We provide fast and timely services to thermal power industry by means of 24-hour online reservation service 7 days a week.
      No worry about payment mode. We will provide services for you first and will taking your payment after your satisfaction with our services.
      We can guide our customers to handle minor problems through the network, phone or email.
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