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      Ruihua Machinery
      A Leading Manufacturer of Clean Energy Equipments.
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        About Ruihua more
        Zhejiang Ruihua Machinery Co., Ltd, predecessor of the Chinese team is mechanical processing enterprises, used to be production and sale of fire fighting equipment. After 1998, gradually become a European fire fighting equipment Presto International AB, Volvo Group and Whirlpool suppliers.
      10 years experience in Europe market, especially at metal processing, this is the reason of Mr.Wolfgang Schwarz cooperation with Chinese team.
        Original Designer
        We are original designer of Black type.  
        Ruihua Products more
      Wind Generator Off-grid controller
      Solar Module LED and Lamp
      Batteries Wind & Solar Road Lamp
      Wind-energe Advertising Hybrid Monitor System
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        Advertisement 09-06-14  
        New Workshop&. 09-06-20  
        Exhibition in 10-03-29  
        2010CWEE 10-05-30  
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