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      Wenzhou Jiajie electrical Co., Ltd is a manufacture and trader specialized in the research , development and production of small size power relays, power relays, solid state relays, time relays and relay sockets. Since 2015, we start to develop the electrician products like touch wall switch and wireless wall-in wifi router, and now we have the mature supply ability to satisfied different technical requirements and large quantities.

      We established in 2001, there are totally hundreds staffs. Our enterprise passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and most of our products passed the UL, CE, TUV, CUL certification. All the relays are automatic produced in dust free workshop, annual output 40,000,000 pieces.

      In the year of 2011-2013, our subsidiary company Jiangxi Jiajie electrical Co., Ltd was the largest OEM manufacture of TYCO International Ltd., except this, we also cooperate with several famous brand in our domestic market. 

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      Reliable quality assurance, perfect technical service and the best value for money, so jia jie relay in the consolidation and expansion of the domestic market. while a large number are exported to international markets. "People-oriented, custormer-oriented" is Jia Jie eternal faith, intergrity and efficiency for users to provide more and better products and better service is our constant pursuit. 

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      Wenzhou JiaJie Electric Co.,Ltd.

      Tel: +86 13695710241   +86 577 57576237
      Fax: +86-577-57155151
      E-mail: jajer@aliyun.com  jajer@outlook.com   
      Add:Bantang Industrial Zone, north Baixiang Yueqing Zhejiang China

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