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      Chengdu Swee-Tech Machinery Co.,ltd. is a reliable and trustful intermediary for the power transmission industry and automotive aftermarket segments between South America,North America,Europe and Asia.We specialize in transmission, steering, suspension,brake,engine,and relative complementary spare parts and auto accessories. The main technical engineers, product managers and the founder of the enterprise have engaged in the transmission and automotive spare parts industry since 1999.Due to reliable production bases with verified manufacturers and understanding of their strengths, we integrate worldwide resources to optimize the demand and supply.We provide top quality products at very competitive prices which allow our customers to rely on a line with high return and excellent performance.We can supply many kinds of small batch goods at one time,timely delivery and flexible policies.We have built good business relationships with over 50 countiries clients all over the world.Chengdu Swee-Tech machinery Co.,Ltd is dedicated to customer satisfaction always.. more>>
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