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      Plastic recycling washing line
      Auxiliary machinery
      Plastic sheet/board extrusion line
      Plastic profile extrusion line



      PP hollow sheet is Processed into crates, boxes, partitions, linings, pads, and other bottom bracket.

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      PP PE PVC single wall corrugated pipes with diameter from 40mm to 200mm, which are used for wire and cable, et.

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      PP PE pipe mainly used for water supply and drainage in the field of agriculture and construction, cable etc.

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      In 2009, we start to attend famous plastic exhibition, And our sales reach to 30 million per year. And we have customers from 70 countries and...


      In 2008, Horserider built a export department, and move to a new office in city Centre. And our sales reach to 20 million RMB for whole year ...


      In 2006, Zhangjiagang Horserider Machinery Co.,Ltd was set up. We start from a small factory. And this year, our sales around 5 million for whole year...

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      • Turnkey Project

        Supply excellent equipment, perfect service and power turnkey service ability, Horserider has helped the clients achieve the efficient operation of equipment...

      • Quality Guarantee

        We give customer quality guarantee with 12 months after installation, and we promise that our machine is new, and adopt high quality materials...

      • Installation Service

        Horserider consistently pursue its goal to provide the customers with professional service. So when machine reached the customer’s workshop...

      • After-sales Support

        When customer request it, Horserider will provided customers with spare parts and later technical guidance in time to help customers to solve the...

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