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      Suprema,being a world leader in the manufacturing of thermostatic & pressure balance sanitary ware products, has mastered the core technology of thermostatic & pressure balancing concept. Our advanced technology and superior experience are all the crucial elements for delivering the excellence of Suprema shower and bath faucets that provides guaranteed safety, comfort, and highest performance at lowest price for our customers.
      About Suprema


      World-class R&D Center and Production Base for
      Thermostatic and Pressure Balance Sanitaryware Products;
      Strong Emphasis on Product Innovation;
      Specialized in Mass Production;
      Innovative Design/ Manufacture Process/ Quality;
      Leading the Trend in Thermostatic and Pressure Balance Technology;
      The New Era of Thermostatic and Pressure Balance Sanitaryware is Coming!



      Advanced technology, abundant experiences, consummate skilst, excellent quality, wide product range and good after-sales service are all the necessary element of Suprema Thermostatic Sanitaryware to maintain our market leader position. Thereby winning the public's trust and consistently exporting to professional customers all over the world.

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