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      Weifang Leon Machinery Co., LTD., is located at Qingzhou city which has developed mechanical manufacturing, convenient transportation and beautiful environment The company is standardization of livestock and poultry equipment, the main products include automatic feeding system, automatic watering system, ventilation&cooling system, and environmental control system, etc. To provide one-stop shopping for customers at home and abroad, fully meet the needs of all kinds of livestock breeding way.
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        Leon Machinery can provide complete equipment with fully automatic, with environment control system inside house to let the house to be EC-shed. LEON also provide full range of design and solutions. We always pays attention to product updates, insist on quality first, service in advance, innovation and development business philosophy. 

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        Leon provide both A type and H type cage system. All components adopt modern design, easy to install, high-precision splicing technology , make the system more stable. Will provide you specialized installation service.

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        Leon Machinery provide Breeder house total solutions, including breeder chain feeding system and breeder pan feeding system. The chain and corner all import from South Africa, with high quality, also can be full house automaticlly controlled.

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      Broiler Farm Case


      Layer Farm Case

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