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      Company Address


      Factory Address

      No.52 Harbin Rd., Sun Island Office Building No.2,

      Rm. 2010, Qingdao, China


      Telephone Number

      Kanjia industrial Zone, Gaomi Ciry,
      Shandong, China

      SW Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNC machining, precision casting and brass forging products in China.

      with European and North American Market

      A professional supplier of casting, forging, stamping & precision CNC machining parts


       years of experience

      Business Strategy and Scope

      We are working hard to enhance the brand of “Made In China”! 

      • Always be responsible.
      • Professional engineering support and process analysis.
      • Wide products range and diversified manufacturing methods.
      • Specialized in custom products.


      All through the projects, after receiving the prints, from samples development to mass productions

      Quality Assurance

      • PPAP including Flow Chart, PFMEA, Control Plan, etc.
      • Customer Prints and all quality documents are under controlled and stored in ERP system, assuring current version updates. 
      • Make ready all necessary checking gages before prototype.
      • Strict checking gages Calibrations on time. 


      We know you want



      • A responsible and trustable supplier to develop your parts from different process, including casting, forging, stamping and machining, etc.
      • A professional engineering team to offer some assistance for design, production process, and cost evaluation.
      • A pair of eyes all through projects going on.


      Process and products

      Our products are involved in almost all kinds of manufacturing process, with heat treatment, coating, etc.
      Casting / Forging / Stamping / Precision machining / Assembly 


      •  Casting


      •  Forging


      •  Stamping

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      •  Precision Machining


      •  Assembly


      Send email to our engineers & experts for technical questions

      Inquiry or Just want a cost estimate


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